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News Release

National Assembly Futures Institute hosts the 'Circular Economy Forum for Green Transition'

Date : 2020-10-27 Writer : NAFI

National Assembly Futures Institute hosts the 'Circular Economy Forum for Green Transition'

- Suggesting Direction and Strategies of Circular Economy For Green Transition -

The National Assembly Futures Institute(President, Kim Hyun Gon) will host the 'Circular Economy Forum For Green Transition' at Project Room A, Glad Yeouido Hotel on October 29 at 2:00 pm.

This event will be co-hosted by the National Assembly Futures Institute, National Assembly Citizen Politics Forum, member of the National Assembly Lee Yong Sun, and the Korea Environment Institute, (KEI). It is expected to serve as a venue for discussion on the implementation of a circular economy that pursues sustainability through resource productivity improvement, resource sharing and cooperative acquisitions amid the growing attention to "coexistence with the environment" as the world suffers from COVID-19 and the climate crisis etc.

The forum consists of presentations by four experts and designated discussions, and the presenters give a presentation on the industrial, local governments' and consumer strategies under the theme of diagnosing national circular economy and future vision. In the designated discussion, discussions will be made from various perspectives on “the circular economy direction and strategy for a green transition” as an extension of the presentation. Associate research fellow of the NAFI Kim Eun-Ah will share the result of task on the “urban strategy for promoting transition to a circular economy society".

Kim Hyun Gon, the president of National Assembly Future Research Institute,  emphasized that "through the forum, we would diagnose the role and status of the circular economy for green transition and discuss implementation strategies to contribute to the establishment of policy direction in the future."