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인사말 프로필 학력에 관한 테이블
Year School Department Degree
1984 Seoul National University Economics B.A.
1986 Seoul National University Business Administration M.A.
1996 University of Tsukuba (Japan) Business Engineering Ph.D.
인사말 프로필 경력에 관한 테이블
Year Career
Current President, National Assembly Futures Institute
2019 - 2020 Former) President, Spatial Information Research Institute, Land and Geospatial Informatrix Corporation
2018 - 2019 Former) Professor for Special Affairs, Department of Science and Technology Policy, Hanyang University; Standing Advisor, Bespin Global
2015 - 2018 (Former) Vice President, National Information Society Agency (NIA)
2012 - 2014 Head of the National Information Society Agency Big Data Strategy Research Center and Big Data Analysis and Application Center
2008 - 2013 Head, National Information Society Agency National Informatization Planning Division
2008 Head, National Information Society Agency (NIA) Future Strategies TF
2004 - 2007 Head, National Information Society Agency (NIA) Informatization Program Support Division, Informatization Planning Division, Office of Innovation and Management
1996 - 2004 Head, National Computerization Agency (Currently NIA) Next Generation Service Division, Strategy Development Division, Policy Research Division, etc.
2001 Former) Invited Research Fellow, UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
1986 - 1990 Former) Research Fellow, Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI)