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Public Notice

New Working Appointment in National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI)

Date : 2022-01-03 Writer : NAFI

New Working Appointment in National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI)

National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI; President: Kim Hyeon-kon) announced that personnel changes were made on January 1, 2022. Research Fellow Yoo Hee-soou was appointed as the Director General of Research Support Office, and Research Fellow Kim Eun-ah as the Head of Innovative Growth Group.


 NAFI expects that this working appointment will enhance the performance of NAFI’s tasks with optimized operations.

[Note 1] Working Appointment (Jan. 1)

- Yoo Hee-soo, Director General of Research Support Office

- Kim Eun-ah, Head of Innovative Growth Group


Career Description

Yoo Hee-soo, new Director General of NAFI’s Research Support Office

- Ph.D. in Engineering, Department of Organic Polymer Materials, Tokyo Institute of Technology

- Former budget/tax analyzer at National Assembly Budget Office (administrative officer)

- Former associate research fellow at R&D Budget Policy Office, Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)

- Former Senior Researcher of IP team at Samsung Display

- Former postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University

Kim Eun-ah, new Head of NAFI’s Innovative Growth Group

- Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

- Former Senior Researcher, Chemical Safety Research Center, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) (-2019.5)

- Former research professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Ewha Womans University

- Former postdoctoral researcher, Research TEAM of Watershed Total Volume, National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER)

- Former environmental planning group manager at POSCO

- Former UN volunteer, Natural Science Sector of UNESCO (Beijing)

- Former researcher of Energy Environment Lab, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology