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Public Notice

NAFI Holds Launching Ceremony for Youth Future Committee

Date : 2022-06-29 Writer : NAFI

NAFI Holds Launching Ceremony for Youth Future Committee

-Plans laid for involving the young generation in future research-

The National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI, President Kim Hyeon-kon) launched the 2022 Youth Future Committee in a ceremony held in the National Assembly Members’ Office Building on the 28th.

The ceremony began with a brief description of NAFI, followed by a welcome speech, letters of appointment presentation, and sharing of future visions.

The Youth Future Committee is designed to involve members of the young generation in future research by NAFI and reinterpret the research findings from their point of view. The committee’s predecessor is Future Creator in 2021.

The committee consists of nine members. Their activities are to: (1) plan, supervise, give presentation on, and discuss the academic events led by the committee; (2) promote join research by institutions (to present opinions and answer as interviewees from the perspective of youth on future issues, etc.); (3) participate in international organization meetings (talks about future with overseas youth); and (4) disseminate institutional research findings while producing promotional contents.

NAFI President Kim Hyeon-kon said: “The committee will be a venue for members to engage in various activities on significant future-related issues, collecting and reflecting the thoughts of young people.”