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NAFI and National Assembly Library Conclude Business Agreement

Date : 2022-05-23 Writer : NAFI

NAFI and National Assembly Library Conclude Business Agreement

-To establish a national strategic information platform and promote cooperation to strengthen National Assembly’s policymaking -

The National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI, President Kim Hyeon-kon) signed a business agreement with the National Assembly Library (NAL, Chief Librarian Lee Myung Woo) at the reception room in the main building of the National Assembly on Monday, May 23.

This agreement intends to build a national strategic information platform in the National Assembly Library, where the two organizations cooperate to systemically provide strategic information necessary for national policymaking and future strategy establishment. Importantly, it stresses cooperation mainly on the installation and operation of the national strategic information platform within the library; mutual use and promotion of physical and online information held in the two organizations; joint seminar hosting; and other activities.

National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seug delivered his congratulations at the ceremony: “It is an honor to have this achievement during my term of office during which the National Assembly leads a proposal for a mid-/long-term national agenda, which a single-term five-year government cannot fulfill. Better results will be achieved when two organizations under the National Assembly work seamlessly together on the goal of discovering mid-/long-term national agendas that present a blueprint for the future of the country. I ask them to help the National Assembly to become not a responder but a pioneer and open up the future of the Republic of Korea.”  

NAFI President Kim noted: “NAFI has strengths in researching national future strategies while the NAL has advantages in identifying national and international legislative trends and constructing databases. Our collaboration will create great synergy and get better results in building a national strategic information platform.”      

NAFI expects that a national strategic information platform will be useful not only for collecting and analyzing data but also for exploring the results and gaining perspective. The institute also predicts that the National Assembly will identify the mid-/long-term direction and standards of the country at the turning point of transforming into an advanced country and provide society members with a forum to share the direction and standards.