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Brief Reports

Report that suggests the national future strategies based on the analysis of major future issues by the research team
[National Future Strategy Insight] A New Way to Derive National Strategies in Response to the Aging Society, No. 5

Date : 2020-11-12 Writer : Kim Hyeon-gon

President Kim Hyeon-gon of the National Assembly Futures Institute has suggested six new ways to derive national strategies in response to the aging society in No. 5 of the “National Future Strategy Insight.”

▼ First, he suggested that rather than keeping with the elderly support policies, there should be a shift in paradigm to an independent aging society considering the fact that anyone can become an elderly person who lives a long life. ▼ Second, he stated that considering the fact that the public actively looks forward to the positive aspects of the future, while seeking to ignore negative possibilities, there should be a ‘Scrooge Strategy’ with regard to the aging society.

▼ Third, there should be a way for the elderly to come together for discussion and design national strategies in response to the aging society for themselves. ▼ Fourth, there should be a national health and physical activity program to which the elderly can actively contribute, leading to more possibilities for the elderly to contribute to society.

▼ Fifth, in order to make sure that the elderly can participate in valuable work and activities after retirement, there should be a national compulsory re-education system for the middle aged and the elderly. ▼ Lastly, there should be a data-based national strategy in response to the aging society by collecting all past data related to aging to analyze the fundamental issues and causes of the aging society in Korea, along with related trends and patterns, to solve the fundamental issues associated with the aging society.

President Kim stated that “aging is not simply a change in the demographic structure or change in life expectancy, but more of a fundamental change of the life model,” and emphasized that “with a shift in paradigm in the 21st century, we must have new, different responses that are different from the ones that we have taken in the past.”

※ “National Future Strategy Insight” is a brief-type in-depth research report issued every other week to present national future strategies for Korea based on the analysis of major future issues by the research fellows of National Assembly Futures Institute.