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Brief Reports

Report that suggests the national future strategies based on the analysis of major future issues by the research team
[National Future Strategy Insight] The Citizens’ Choice to Switch to a Conservation and Distribution Society, No. 6

Date : 2020-11-19 Writer : Jung Young-hoon, Park Seong-won

Jung Younghoon, a former National Assembly Futures Institute researcher, and Park Seong-won, the head of the Innovative Growth Group, conducted a survey on the citizens’ preference on future policies to realize an ideal future in October, following the deliberative poll on the public’s ideal future society in 2050 they had conducted last year.

The survey suggested two policy alternatives for 11 topics including energy production and consumption, means of transportation, response to global infectious diseases, basic income and basic wealth systems, new labor environment including platform labor, and diversifying family types, and then asked the citizens for their choices to realize an ideal future.

In summary of the public’s choices for each policy alternative, it was shown that the citizens think that (large) cities need changes rather than rural areas, and that the private sector should be at the center of change, rather than the government. What was interesting was that when it comes to resolving conflicts, the citizens preferred the government or the National Assembly to be responsible rather than the private sector.

In terms of energy switch, response to infectious diseases, punishment for hate crimes, and family types, citizens preferred more of a gradual change than a radical change. In terms of welfare policies, the citizens preferred policies that cover everyone, including the current generation and the future generations, instead of focusing on particular age groups or social class.

※ “National Future Strategy Insight” is a brief-type in-depth research report issued every other week to present national future strategies for Korea based on the analysis of major future issues by the research fellows of National Assembly Futures Institute.