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Brief Reports

Report that suggests the national future strategies based on the analysis of major future issues by the research team
[National Future Strategic Insight] Where Do Young People Live and Where Do They Move To? (No. 58)

Date : 2022-11-28 Writer : Min Bo-gyeong

Recent outmigration of young people from rural areas is a major cause of population decline and economic downturn in those areas, particularly the outmigration to metropolitan areas exacerbates regional imbalance. This study seeks to find answers to where and why young people are moving and to draw political implications for improving the quality of youths’ lives and establish future strategies for the areas.

Looking at the changes in interregional population migration patterns, there is an overall decrease in the scale of interregional migration. However, youth population migration is relatively active, with a tendency towards moving to the metropolitan areas. Since the main reasons for youth migration are “employment” and “housing,” this study suggests the need for regional strategies targeting the youth, including the creation of decent job opportunities and housing support policies in line with their preferences.