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The National Assembly Futures Institute publishes reports that predict and analyze the changes in the future environment based on a comprehensive perspective, and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies in consideration of the preferences of the citizens
[20-1] Exploratory research to enhance preparedness for future climate change impacts

Date : 2020-12-31 item : Research Report 20-01 P.I : Kim Eun-ah et al.

Exploratory research to enhance preparedness for future climate change impacts Climate change is regarded as one of the major threats to human society, and highlights the need to devise national and regional strategies to strengthen our resilience to potentially devastating future climate change impacts. The impacts from climate change were classified into four areas (ecology, settlement conditions, energy, society), and we collected risk factors from the literature. 

This study analyzed Korea’s climate change preparedness in each of the administrative or legislative policy and research sectors. We gathered written information such as research papers or reports, press releases, and legislative notices with which we carried out text analysis including keyword extraction and topic analysis. 

Comparing the risk factors with the quantities of the corresponding documents, we were able to identify areas that were comparatively less prepared (movement of species, transportation system, stability of energy supply, health policy) for future risks from climate change. 

We organized seminars on these areas to share information on research and policy trends and to discuss the gaps in legislative or administrative policies to be filled to enhance preparedness for future climate change impacts. This study incorporated the discussion results from the seminars to suggest a policy agenda which requires further development

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